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Tutorial 8

How to create drop shadow text

In this tutorial, we will show you how to create drop shadow text and also to combine it with another image.



  1. Create a new image with transparent background. Select the Text tool on the image toolbar and click inside the image to open the Text box.

  2. Type in the desired text, select font, style, and color (click on the color box to open it for more color selections). Click OK to place the text in the image.

  3. Click on the Move tool on the Image toolbar, to select the text and drag to move it to where you want it.

  4. Use the Layer > Style Layer > Drop Shadow menu to open the Drop Shadow dialog box as shown in Figure 10.08.2 to create the drop shadow effect. Select the X and Y offsets of the shadow. The Size value specifies the size of the shadow. Smaller size value renders more intense and concentrated shadow; larger size value creates looser and more spreadout shadow. You can also click to select shadow color and opacity. The result is shown in Figure 10.08.2b.

   Figure 10.08.2

   Figure 10.08.2b

  1. If you want to adjust the direction of the shadow, you can click the Layer tab to display the list of layers. Select the Drop Shadow layer and use the Move tool on the Image toolbar and drag the shadow to where you want it.

  2. If you want to combine the drop shadow text with an image, first use the Rectangle Selection Tool to select the text. Then, use the Edit > Copy Merged menu to copy the text along with its shadow to the Clipboard.

  3. Open another image that you want to place the text onto. We use the lighthouse image shown in Figure 10.08.3 below. You may right click and save this image to your disk, then open it in Image Broadway if you want to practice it yourself while following the tutorial steps below. You may also right click on this image and copy it to the Clipboard and use the Image Broadway File > Clipboard menu to paste it in as a new image. Optionally, you may click the Navigator tab to display the Navigator window and use its slider bar to zoom in and out; or you may click the Info tab to display the exact pixel color and cursor information in the Info window.

   Figure 10.08.3

  1. Use the Edit > Paste menu to paste the drop shadow text on the image. You can click the Move tool and drag the text object to where you want it. See Figure 10.08.4 for the result of combining text with image.

   Figure 10.08.4