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Regardless of your source of purchase, once you have the program installed and running and need technical support related to using any of our products and services, we are here to assist you. Current version users will receive free tech support via e-mail for one year from the date of purchase. We will continue to support older versions for one year after a new version is released except for InstallConstruct, which has a different InstallConstruct Support Policy.

First Try Check Update...

...most of our programs now offer the FREE Check Update service, which can be accessed from the Help drop-down menu, the main toolbar, or the program Control Center. This service allows you to check if there is a newer version or build of your program available at anytime. New versions or builds are released sometimes with new features or fixes, and often to ensure your programs are up to date with the constant releases of Windows Service Packs. Minor updates are usually free while major updates or grades may be purchased at the reduced upgrade price.

Then Try FAQ in Resources page the FAQ, when available links can be found in the right column of the respective product sites, to see if your question has already been answered.

Next Try using Contact page... our Technical Support department any time using our Contact page with your questions. Remember to include your program name, registered or trial version, version number and build number (accessed by clicking Help/About...)

Sometimes, it may help if you can include screenshots to explain what your problem may be. We recommend that you download the WinSettings Pro free trial version, which is an easy-to-use utility program including an integrated screen capture and e-mail feature making it easier for sending captured screens through e-mail, especially if you do not already have a screen capture program.

If the program has been working fine for a long time but all of sudden starts misbehaving, it may have to do with Registry errors on your computer. We suggest that you download any of the highly rated registry scan programs to check if your computer has Registry errors.

There is a separate Online Support area for InstallConstruct. If you need technical support on InstallConstruct, please go to the InstallConstruct Support page for further assistance.

* A few words about FREE Trial Version Downloads

We provide free trial versions for all our software. We suggest that you check out the trial versions before you purchase. Do not download the free trial version to upgrade your registered version file. All our software follow Windows Install and Uninstall standards.

To install and use the program: run the downloaded EXE file and install the program to a folder of your choice.

To uninstall: If you see the program tray icon in the Notification Area (System Tray (next to the Clock), it indicates that the program is running. If so, right click on the program tray icon and select Exit in the right click menu to exit the program. Then, use Programs and Features (Windows Vista/7) or Add/Remove Programs (Windows XP) in the Control Panel and follow Windows Uninstall steps to uninstall the program. All our programs follow Microsoft Windows Uninstall Standards.

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