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Compatibility: Windows XP, Windows Servers, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 (32- and 64-bit)

About ConcordFTP
The Trusted Link between You and Server

ConcordFTP is a secure and robust FTP client for transferring files between PCs and remote servers. It can be used as a stand alone FTP client or as workgroup FTP client with centralized management control functions. In addition to performing secure file transfer tasks, it offers comprehensive functions for managing multiple-user access to ensure regulatory compliance with controls and audit trail.

ConcordFTP supports most servers, e.g. Windows, Linux, BSD, and more. Its control functions provide regulatory compliance solutions for data transfers and storage. ConcordFTP is designed to protect your data and meet the security standards of HIPAA and others, and to solve issues arisen from privacy and security concerns.

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Its customizable interface, from simple to advanced depending on account setup options, also comes with integrated text and HTML editors, image viewer, and archive managers.

Access ControlAccess control over all electronic transfers
Account Manager controls user access permission and display so that different types of data are accessed only by authorized personnel on need-to-know basis. It also provides internal audit trail with different levels of logs.

Security Manage server files and folders
ConcordFTP comes with rich Administrator tools to help you mirror you critical data between Desktops and servers, or manage remote server files and folders across platforms without any barrier.

Security Secure transfer and storage
ConcordFTP gives you options to transfer files over SSL connections. You can also compress data with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) before the transfer for added security.

Security Schedule backup transfers
ConcordFTP comes with its own advanced scheduler that runs in user or system session for transferring files and folders without having to logon to Windows. ConcordFTP also comes with many features that help to deliver large files and accelerate performance to support backup transfers.

Remote Access Work with remote server like your local disk
With its ease-of-use style, you can click to access servers just like access local disk. With the integrated editors you can quickly access and publish your information and update your server files as you work on your Desktop.

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