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  InstallConstruct   FileStream® InstallConstruct

Create basic to advanced installers for all Windows platforms.
With its Wizard interface, you can click and select from the built-in features and create your own installer with your own icons and messages. It does not require you to have programming background.

  Image Broadway   FileStream® Image Broadway®

The easiest way to make your photos professional-looking - fast and easy!
Fix and Refine Your Photos Like a Pro, fast, versatile, and easy to use! Its new digital darkroom and slider controls make photo editing easy and fun. It supports all popular RAW formats. This program's small footprint makes it ideal for running on Mini Laptops.

  pcPhotos   FileStream® pcPhotos

Batch Photo Editor for Windows - to save time and money!
Resizing hundreds of photo manually, like huge photo files in Digital Camera RAW formats, is a daunting task. With pcPhotos, you can process and resize your entire album easily with its 1-2-3 wizard! You can also easily watermark, timestamp, or add text and effects to a group of photos.

  Take-1 Recorder   FileStream® Take-1® Recorder

All-In-One Screen Capture, Video Recording & Markup!
This program lets you easily create tutorial video or capture anything that you see (and hear) from your screen with one click. It lets you capture an entire Web page on screen and off screen. It comes with built-in on-screen markup tools.

  FrameShop   FileStream® FrameShop

Compress and prepare your photos for the show!
This program lets you compress, touch up, stylize and share your valuable photos through slideshow player (comes with the software) on your computer, your digital photo frame, or for upload and e-mailing to others.

  Turbo Browser   FileStream® Turbo Browser®

A multiple award-winning photo and document browser with integrated, color coded HTML and syntax editors, and its Digital Darkroom image editor.
Instantly edit, share, publish your photos and works, it includes on-screen photo editor, auto enhancer, batch convert, optimize, and print wizards, built-in html and text editor, and remote file trasfer.

  TurboBackup   FileStream® TurboBackup®

Backing up your data has never been so easy!
This is the leader of all Windows Backup Software with many built-in templates for backing up your files, folders, local Cloud account folders, E-mail, Registry, My System State, and full drives. Includes automatic backups, scheduling, integrated backups to CD/DVD, USB, remote file transfer, incremental and differential backups, compression, encryption, restore.

  Online Backup   FileStream® Online Backup

Easy backup to and restore from remote server with RAID Level 1 protection
This service is built with the same award winning engine used in TurboBackup. It offers the next generation backup solution that enables pro-users to back up critical data through this powerful engine to FileStream RAID-1 server. You get free software with this service.

  Sync TOGO   FileStream® Sync TOGO

Sync, Transfer, and Quick Backup Files for Home, Office, and Travel!
This new portable application lets you synchronize, transfer, and back up files for home, office, travel. In addition to installing the program on your computer, you can also install Sync TOGO directly on portable storage, where your files are stored.

  ConcordFTP   FileStream® ConcordFTP

The trusted link between you and the server.
Designed with performance, automation, security, and management control in mind, ConcordFTP is equipped with solutions for manual and automated FTP transfers. It offers comprehensive user control features to ensure HIPAA and regulatory compliance.

  SafeShield   FileStream® SafeShield

SafeShield is your best safety net by creating a virtual copy of your Windows.
Turn on SafeShield and you will never have to worry about attacks or user errors. Visit any site, download anything, open any document or program. Restart your computer and everything will be back to the way it was.

    SecureDisk   FileStream® SecureDisk

Secure, store, and share your digital assets - for Windows XP/Vista/7 (32- and 64-bit)
This program is the perfect solution for encrypting and protecting sensitive information from theft and other attacks. This program makes part or entire hard disk, or removable drive, into secure vaults.

    TurboZIP   FileStream® TurboZIP®

Integrated Solution to Opening, Creating, and Managing All Your Archives!
Opens Zip, RAR, GZ, TAR and other popular archives with built-in viewers and catalogs. Since its first release in 1997, TurboZIP has become the choice archival manager for serious users and IT professionals alike around the world.

    TurboZIP Express   FileStream® TurboZIP Express

Higher compression (21 levels), faster than competing Zip programs, and more...
Fast Zipping! Right click to select files or folders in Explorer, and rapidly create ZIP or CAB files with smart auto naming. The streamline design with e-mail option makes TurboZIP Express one of the must have tools.

    WinSettings Pro   FileStream® WinSettings Pro

Over 40 clean up, optimization, and customization tools. Make your PCs run like new!
A suite of 40 System and Desktop tools to clean up, optimize your PCs with Undo option, and protect your privacy and security! It cleans up tracks (commonly referred to as Washer), backs up your system, and Secure Deletes files (Digital Shredder). It also serves as Customization and Screen Capture utility.

    WinSettings   FileStream® WinSettings

This award winning utility boasts over 20 clean up, privacy, security, and Desktop tools!
A suite of 20 System and Desktop tools to optimize your PC and protect your privacy and security! It cleans up tracks (commonly referred to as Washer). It also serves as Customization and Screen Capture utility.

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