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ConcordFTPTM is a robust and easy to use FTP client for transferring files. In addition to performing file transfer tasks, it offers many unique automation features, such as auto downloading only newer files, daily backup of your folders, or uploading or download files or images whenever they have been updated.

You can run ConcordFTP in Interactive mode with drag and drop support; or you can run it in Silent mode for unattended, script-driven file transfers. It also includes color-coded HTML and over 20 code editors, for editing files on local PCs or transparently editing files on FTP servers.

Selective upload/download in batch

ConcordFTP provides queuing support for transferring files. It is designed like using a shopping cart. You can select files or folders for upload or download. Whenever you are ready to transfer the files, you can start the file transfers on demand in foreground or background, or at scheduled time.

Don't let just one file get you stuck

ConcordFTP provides the auto resume feature for uplaod and download with the ability to reconnect and retransfer a file from where it was left off. If there is a permanent error, it will skip the file and complete the rest of file transfers. You can fix problems later and retry failed transfers.

File Transfer in the Background

ConcordFTP gives you the option to transfer files in the background so you can perform other tasks while the file transfer is taking place. This feature is useful when your transfer may take a while to be completed because of large file size, number of transfers, or slow connection.

Automated Updates with Notification

ConcordFTP gives you the ability to transfer only files that have been updated. You can schedule ConcordFTP to check specified files, and upload or download only those that have been updated. You can also specify E-mail notification for successful or failed transfers.

Automated FTP with Transfer Report

The ConcordFTP Silent mode feature automates the FTP file transfer task. In this mode, ConcordFTP performs script driven file transfers in the background at scheduled time without user's presence. This feature comes in handy when you perform routine transfers, transfer large amount of files, or want to transfer files only during certain time of the day or night. It journals transfer activities to provide you with an audit trail.

ConcordFTP - a robust FTP client with scheduler and script support
A robust FTP client with scheduler and script support.

Editing Files and Quick Publishing

ConcordFTP also offers integrated viewer of most file types, color-coded HTML editor and over 20 code editors, e.g. Java script, PHP, XML, and image manipulation functions let you work with server files as if they are on your local computers. The Quick Publish feature lets you transparently edit and update server files from anywhere in the world.

ConcordFTP - a robust FTP client with integrated viewer and HTML editor
Lets you work with server files as if they are on your local computers.

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