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 What are these sample examples?

The ConcordFTP Sample Examples are guidelines that you can use to guide you through the varied benefits this exciting software has to offer. Using these files, you can see examples of each type of major function and make any changes according to your personal requirements.

 Why did we make these examples?

These examples are designed to help you get the most out of ConcordFTP. They let you see examples of how to perform all the basic functions dealing with FTP. These tutorials were created to give you, the user, a head start on being more productive with file transferring. They can save you time by showing you solid examples as well as all the options that get you there.

 Who needs these examples?

We should hope that all of our users could make some use of them, but we had a specific type of user in mind. These examples are aimed at the most common user, someone who does not have advanced FTP knowledge, but needs to use FTP to be more manageable with their remote file transferring. Just a few minutes glance at each template, and we feel that anyone could accomplish what they they want in minutes.

Select a sample example to see guidelines of how to use the indicated function.

 Simple Anonymous Download
Basic connecting and downloading

 Logging in as a User With Password
Connecting with upload privelages

 Simple Upload
Uploading the easy way

 How To Upload Images for eBay
Getting your pictures up to your auction.

 Find Files on FTP Server
Finding that particular file in a mountain of electronic data.

 Preview, Edit, And Publish Web Page
Making changes to Web Pages without having to download them.

 Simple Scheduled File Transfer
Transferring files at a later time, all at once.

 File Transfer in the Background
Making file transfers perform when not actively open on your desktop.

 Update Mirror Site
Backing up to and from a server.

 Edit File Transfer Script
Re-using and custom changing scheduler procedures.

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