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  FileStream® Online Backup

   Easy Backup to and Restore from Remote Server with RAID Level 1 Protection

With RAID Level 1 Redundancy Protection, your data will be mirrored on a duplicate hard drive in realtime. When you order 1GB backup space, you actually get 1GB on each drive, i.e. 2GB of total physical space. When you use the built-in compression option that we provide, the amount of time for file transfer and the amont of backup space needed is usually less than that of the original files. Actual backup size reduction due to compression may vary depending on the type of source files. We also recommend that you take advantage of TurboBackup incremental and differential backup options to further save both the file transfer time and the backup spacce requirement.

Personal Plan Pricing*

* Personal Plan does not include RAID Level 1 Protection. You may order it now directly Online.

BackupPer GB x GB x MoTotal
2GB$2.50 x 2 x 3mo$15.00  
2GB$2.25 x 2 x 6mo$27.00
2GB$2.00 x 2 x 12m$48.00
5GB$2.00 x 5 x 3mo$30.00
5GB$1.75 x 5 x 6mo$52.50
5GB$1.65 x 5 x 12m$99.00

Business Plan Pricing**

** Business Plan includes RAID Level 1 Protection. Please e-mail Sales for ordering information.

BackupPer GB x GB x MoTotal
2GB$6.00 x 2 x 3mo$36.00
2GB$5.50 x 2 x 6mo$66.00
2GB$5.00 x 2 x 12m$120.00
5GB$5.00 x 5 x 3mo$75.00
5GB$4.50 x 5 x 6mo$135.00
5GB$4.00 x 5 x 12m$240.00

Workgroup Plan Pricing:

The Workgroup Plan offers all the features in the Business Plan plus sub-accounts, which can be added for $5 per sub-account per month. The master account can access all the files in the sub-accounts but not vice versa. You must first choose an Individual Plan, then e-mail us to request adding sub-account(s) to your subscription.

Customized Plan:

Please e-mail us with your requirements if your needs are different from the standard off-the-shelf plans we are offering here.

Billing and Cancellation:

You will be billed at the beginning of the billing cycle you select. You may upgrade (sign up for more backup space, longer billing cycle, or adding sub-accounts) your subscription at anytime with a ten (10) day notice. You may also downgrade or cancel all or part of your subscription at anytime. Refund of charges, when applicable, is calculated by deducting the number of days you have already used the service in the current billing cycle times $0.25 per day per GB in your subscription account; refund of sub-account charges will be prorated for unused full months only. Please e-mail us all your questions or requests.

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System Requirement
  • Windows XP or higher
  • Internet Connection

  • Online Backup Web Tool Award


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