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How To Upload Images for eBay

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The use of online auctions and displaying pictures for interested customers and friends has been a growing need for the Internet community. Along with the thumbnail image list feature in ConcordFTP, uploading selected images for auction sites has become easier than ever.

If you wish to display more than one picture at eBay, you must use an outside source to host your images. Your pictures must be stored on a computer that is connected to the Internet full time. Most Internet Service Providers include Web space as part of their service. Check with your ISP to see if you have space available. If your ISP does not give you Web space, shop for one that includes FTP capability.

Preparing your image

There are several ways to get pictures into your computer. Here are some suggestions:

  • Use a digital camera. Take pictures with your digital camera.

  • Use a scanner.

  • Pay someone to process your film and deliver your image to the Internet.

  • Video camera or VCR tape with a video capturing device/software.

You should use GIF or JPG formats. These formats are viewable by most web browsers. JPG files work best for photographs while GIF files work best for Web graphics. Once you have edited your photo and optimized it for the Web, you are ready to upload your images.

Uploading your image

After establishing Web space for your pictures, remember the location (URL), and then upload your pictures from your computer to their FTP server using ConcordFTP. Right click on the FTP Neighborhood and select New Site… or use the menu Connect > New Site… to open the dialog box to enter a new FTP address. In address, enter the location of your Web space. In the User Information section, uncheck the Anonymous checkbox in order to activate the User ID and Password fields. Now you will need to enter in user name and password that is required to get into your account.

Connect to the site, using any of the following methods:

  • Double click on the site.

  • Right click the site you have created and select Connect.

  • Use menu Connect > Connect… to open the Connect dialog and specify the site you wish to connect to, then press OK to proceed to connection.

  • Highlight the site and use menu Connect > Quick Connect.
Select the file from your local files and upload the picture to your FTP directory. Choose the FTP > Upload Files command or right click on the remote folder and select Upload > Upload Files from the pop-up menu. Select the files from the dialog box, and press Open to perform the transfer. You can also use Drag-and-Drop methods to upload images.

eBay needs to know the location of your pictures. When you list your item for auction, you will have a field asking for the URL of your image. Use the full Web address for your link.

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