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Find Files on FTP Server

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ConcordFTP has powerful capabilities to enhance FTP management. Its Find Files function allows you to search through folders at a remote site and find the file(s) you want without having to spend minutes or even hours rummaging through every nook and cranny.

ConcordFTP offers you enhanced file search capabilities. To access Find, first connect to an FTP site and select the folder, which you wish to perform the search on. Then use the Tools > Find Files on FTP menu to open the Find Files dialog box. You can select any combination of search criteria to customize your query. For example, you can find all text (*.txt) files containing the word "project", modified between May 1 and May 20 (5/1/02 and 5/20/02 respectively). Make sure you click on the correct folder you wish to perform searches on. In case you want to type in the folder, use the Folder field to enter the directory path.

To find files by name, enter the entire file name (including file extension) or partial name with wildcard symbols in the Search pattern field. Wildcards are useful if you don't fully know the exact name of the file, or cannot remember its file extension, but know partial name. Wildcards are also useful in finding multiple files pertaining to the same subject. For example, if you're looking for files pertaining to a project and they are listed like "project1.doc", "project1.jpg", "project_data.xls", "final_project.pps", you can enter *project* to get all files that have "project" in the filename. If you want to have only a single character wildcard, you may use "?" instead of "*" to fine tune your search.

Search by File extension

By entering an extension in the Accept extension field, you can perform searches that are only of those extensions. For example, entering jpg will search for all files ending with jpg. If you want to search for multiple extensions, separate them with a semicolon (ie. jpg;png;bmp), no spaces.

Excluding File extensions

By entering extensions into the Reject extension field, you can filter out particular extension(s) as well. Including more than one extension requires a semicolon separator, no spaces.

Find Files according to date

If you check the Find files box, you can perform searches based on a range of dates.

Recursive Folder searching

By clicking on Include subfolders, your searches will include all folders inside the current directory.

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