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Logging in as a User With Password

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In the process of connecting to an FTP site that requires user name and password, you will need to have this information available. This example will refer to the fields as User ID and Password respectively.

If you have not yet setup the FTP site in FTP Neighborhood, right click on FTP Neighborhood and select New Site… or use the File > New Site menu to open the dialog box to enter a new FTP address. In the Site Information Address field, enter the name of the site you wish to connect to. In the User Information section, uncheck the Anonymous checkbox in order to activate the User ID and Password fields. Enter User ID and Password in the respective fields. If you check the Save option, the login information and password will be saved so that you can reconnect in the future without having to enter the password again. If you do not check this option, the next time you run ConcordFTP, you will be prompted for the password during the connection process.

To connect to the site, use any of the following methods:

  • Double click on the site.
  • Right click the site and select Connect.
  • Use Connect > Connect… menu to open the Connect dialog box and select in the list drop down menu, then press OK.
  • Highlight and use the Connect > Quick Connect menu.
The FTP Status window will alert you when you have connected successfully and your FTP Folders window will refresh with updated folders under the site's name.

Downloading files and folders are performed in the same way as if signing in under Anonymous.

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