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Preview, Edit, And Publish Web Page

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ConcordFTP allows you to view, edit, and update online Web pages without having to manually download the pages, edit it locally, and then upload it back. This convenience comes in handy when you want to make quick changes without the need to download the page, open and make changes in another editor, then upload back to the server. You can do all these in ConcordFTP.

Preview your file

When connected to an FTP site, you can view a Web page or server file by highlighting the file and pressing the Preview button or using the Tools > Preview menu. ConcordFTP HTML Editor offers the unique design of a double pane display window. Once the file is in view, you will see a split screen version of the file, one side being syntax code, and the other side being the published page. Pressing Ctrl + 0 at the same time will toggle the split screen vertically/horizontally. Pressing Ctrl + 1 will display only the syntax code, and Ctrl + 2 will display only the published HTML web page. In addition, ConcordFTP Editors and Previews use MDI (Multiple Document) interface so you can easily switch from one Preview or editor window to another via the Window menu or Prior/Next buttons.

Depending on the type of file being previewed, i.e. text based files like HTML or image files. You may find the corresponding toolbar for the preview or editor window and the available editing menus under the Edit menu. ConcordFTP supports editing of a wide array of text based file formats, you can select Syntax Editor options for opening of each of the supported file formats via the Edit > Options menu.

Programming source codes and languages supported by the ConcordFTP syntax editor include: ASCII, ASP, BASIC, BATCH, C/C++, DCL, FORTRAN, HTML, JAVA, LISP, PASCAL, PERL, PHP, PYTHON, REXX, RESOURCES, SGML/XML, SHELL, SIOD, SQL, TCL, and TEX.

Edit your file

ConcordFTP additionally provides you with Text Toolbar and Image Toolbar. The Text Toolbar allows you to perform in text search, HTML word search, and also more text display options such as font sizes and word wrap. The Image Toolbar offers you additional tools for manipulating the image in the Preview window such as area selection, pick pixel color, zoom, rotate and flips. Also provided are displays about detailed information for the image, i.e. Track information and Histogram window.

Publish your file

ConcordFTP supports the Quick Publish feature to save a file back to the FTP site while in the same session. After you finish editing the file, you can use the File > Quick Publish command to publish or save an edited file back to the FTP server to its original folder as long as you are staying in the same FTP session.

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