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Simple Scheduled File Transfer

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File transfers can be done at scheduled time without your presence. It offers convenience for large file transfers, multiple transfer jobs, or recurring transfers.

ConcordFTP schedules a file transfer and then passes it to Windows OS Scheduler for execution. Windows 2000/XP requires the use of a User ID and a valid Login password to schedule tasks. If you are not using a password to login Windows, you can either create a password for your Windows 2000/XP user account, or you may get around it by using an Administrator account with password. Once a transfer is scheduled, you should be able to see it in the Accessories, System Tools, Windows Scheduler, Scheduled Tasks list.

Start by setting up download or upload instructions by highlighting the FTP folder you will be working on. Right click the FTP folder and select the Queue for Download or Upload > Queue for Upload Folders, or use the Queue > Queue for Download or Queue > Queue for Upload Folders menu and select the local folder in the Select Folder dialog box. Similarly, you can setup transferring files instead of folder.

Once file transfer instructions are in place, you can go to the FTP Status window, then to FTP Queue tab, right click on the Queue item and select Schedule Transfer from the pop-up menu or use the Queue > Schedule Transfer… menu to open up the Schedule Transfer dialog box.

Task Tab

In the Task tab, you can name the file transfer task and enter comment so you can identify it in the Scheduler. Enter your User name and Password in the respective fields.

If you check off the Open advanced features option, you can enter additional setting parameters for the scheduled task.

When Tab

In the When tab, you may set the date and time and frequency of the transfers. You may set an ending date to unconditionally stop the transfer. At this point your scheduled transfer will be ready for operation. You may enter additional options in other tabs if desired.

Download and Upload Tabs

  • Overwrite - You can setup overwriting options. You can also set it so that only modified files are transferred (check the Only download or upload newer file button). For downloads, you can automatically rename the files as they are being transferred (i.e. demo.html gets transferred as demo2.html) so your local files are not overwritten while keeping track of each download.

  • Resume - Checking off Resume for partial transfers will enable continuing transfer in case there is a disconnection and reconnection occurrence. This feature lets you pick up where it is left off. ConcordFTP can resume transfers for both Download and Upload.

  • Keep server file time - Checking off Keep server file time will preserve the downloaded file date and time as it is appears on the server. Otherwise, the file date and time will be that of the download time.

  • Number of retries - Enter the number you want the scheduler to retry in case the transfer is not successful for the first time.

Connection Tab

In the event that you encounter connection problem, the Connection options will help you customize the process of your scheduling. You can set the maximum number of retries to connect. You can also setup the waiting time between consecutive attempts, and how long before it is considered timed-out for each attempt.


You can use the Filters tab to transfer only files that satisfy the specified Filters criteria. For example, you can include (Accept) only those files with the html extension, or exclude (Reject) all files with the html extension.

Successful Transfer Notification

You can setup automatic E-mail notification for successfully completed, scheduled file transfers. You can enter the Sender, Receivers and other information in the same way as composing an E-mail. The source (%Source%) and target (%Target%) information of your file transfer will be automatically filled in for you.

Failed Transfer Notification

You can setup automatic E-mail notification when scheduled file transfers failed to be completed. You can enter the Sender, Receivers and other information in the same way as composing an E-mail. The source (%Source%) and target (%Target%) information of your file transfer will be automatically filled in for you.

Your default E-mail client has to be MAPI enabled in order to use the E-mail notification feature. If no Sender information is entered, it will use the Default E-mail account information as the Sender information.

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