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The Smart Way to Clean Up and Customize Your Windows

Compatibility: Windows XP/Vista/7 and Windows 8

Privacy and Security    See also: Maintenance and Repair, Desktop Utilities


Here is why you need it -

How WinSettings can help you -

The Optimum Solution

Schedule Maintanence Clean

sometimes forget to clean up tracks

automate cleaning up to protect privacy

setup once and you are set for life

Left Over Cookies

cookies often contain personal information

search, delete cookies by search words

reduce the risk of identity theft

Delete Private Files

Undelete utility can recover deleted files

permanently secure delete private files

protect privacy and security

IE Current User Restrictions

privacy, security can be breached if IE settings are tampered

disable or hide IE change settings options and tools

lock up IE settings and require unlocking before making change

IE All Users Restrictions

be able to control the use of IE browser

disable or hide some IE menus

more control over the use of IE browser

Windows Restrictions

prevent unauthorized changes be made to your Windows

hide registry and system functions for making changes

secure your Windows settings from being changed

Tips: It is commonly known that privacy and security settings can be easily changed in the IE Tools menu; it is also known that Windows System settings can be modified by using the Registry Editor. These are just some of the examples how serious changes can be made to your system easily. WinSettings lets you hide these menus and tools to control how changes can be made to your system.

Tips: When you use WinSettings Secure Delete to delete private or sensitive files, it deletes file contents following DoD 5220 22-Mil Standard.


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