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The Smart Way to Clean Up and Customize Your Windows

Compatibility: Windows XP/Vista/7 and Windows 8

New features in version 8.1


Here is why you need it -

How WinSettings can help you -

The Optimum Solution

Windows Startup Speed

Windows Startup seems to take longer and longer

finds and lets you disable or delete unwanted startups

repair and speed up Windows Startup

Stop Programs and Services

be able to stop programs and services from running

special screen lets you terminate programs and services

stop programs and services so you can perform functions

Delete In-Use Files and Folders

be able to delete unwanted or locked files and folders

special Delete function to delete locked files and folders

delete locked files and folders, recover Windows performance

Delete Private Files

Undelete utility can recover deleted files

permanently secure delete private files

protect privacy and security

Internet Performance

improve Internet performance

automatically boost browser settings

allow optimal Internet surfing possible

IE Current User Restrictions

privacy, security can be breached if IE settings are tampered

disable or hide IE settings editing tools and options

lock up IE settings and require unlocking before making change

IE All Users Restrictions

be able to control the use of IE browser

disable or hide some IE menus

more control over the use of IE browser

Windows Restrictions

prevent unauthorized changes be made to your Windows

hide registry and system functions to disallow changes

secure your Windows settings from being changed or modified

Customize System

personalize your Windows to use your own names and icons

over 30 functions to change names and appearance

customize and personalize your Windows System

Tips: Some programs install themselves as Auto Launched Programs, which are launched at Windows Startup automatically, without giving you the option to stop it. Worse yet, there is no uninstall available and the Delete function does not work because the files are locked up (in-use) by Windows. WinSettings not only finds these programs for you, it lets you remove them from Windows Startup.

Tips: If you plan to defrag your drive or burn DVD/CD, it is always recommended that you terminate all programs and services, power management, and screensavers as they may disrupt your operations. WinSettings provides an easy way to terminate one or all programs and services. To protect your system, WinSettings will not terminate any important programs or services that are vital to OS.

Tips: It is commonly known that privacy and security settings can be easily changed in the IE Tools menu; it is also known that Windows System settings can be modified by using the Registry Editor. These are just some of the examples how serious changes can be made to your system easily. WinSettings lets you hide these menus and tools to control how changes can be made to your system.


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